About Us

RJ Systems: IT Solutions For YOUR Needs, Not Your Neighbour’s

RJ Systems was founded in 2005 to provide affordable and tailored information technology solutions for small businesses across Alberta. Our founders saw too many businesses held back by IT support companies too restricted by adhering to “standard” IT solutions. They both worked for large companies that had to struggle every day to get their IT working to deliver results that matched their needs, forced to fit their daily practices into systems that weren’t designed with them in mind.

That’s why RJ Systems was born. We’re focused on the needs of our clients first, and we tailor our IT solutions to meet those needs. We believe in cost-effective and customized IT solutions that are designed to help streamline business processes. By proactively making IT systems ready to work in line with a business’s needs, we cut down on costs, eliminate problems before they happen, and improve staff productivity every day.

Our Mission

To make sure that we provide you with the right Edmonton IT services for your needs, our team members focus on building relationships based on our core values:

  • Reputation
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Trust

It’s important that we understand more than just your individual IT systems. We want to know who you are and what your goals are, so we can provide you with the right IT solutions to help accomplish those goals.

That’s why we’re about more than just fixing computers when they break down. We work hard to make sure that your systems are monitored around the clock to stop problems before they can disrupt your business. That way, we can spend our time with you not on fighting with broken technology, but on working together to discover how our IT expertise can benefit you.

Our 5-Process Policy

RJ Systems takes management of all parts of your IT experience so we can keep your systems working at their top performance and let you focus on growing your company without worrying about your IT. 

Our fixed-fee all-inclusive managed service means you get peace of mind knowing you never need to worry about struggling with technology problems again – we handle it all with our 5-Process Policy.

  • Proactiveness

    Stopping problems before they start

  • Proof

    Testing and maintaining your IT to ensure everything works right

  • Protection

    Making sure your IT is secure against threats and disasters

  • Preparation

    Working with you for a solid strategy for your future IT

  • Provision

    Supporting you and your staff with your IT every day

We understand that IT can be a huge drain on your company, so we stay by your side every day to provide our guidance and expertise to make sure you use the right IT to improve your productivity and profitability.

Stop worrying about your technology and focus on running your business. RJ Systems provides Managed IT Services to help businesses in Edmonton and across Alberta get the most out of their IT every day. To learn more about the other IT services and solutions we provide businesses like yours, call us at (780) 851-4042 or send us an email at info@rjsystems.ca today.