Customized Mobile Apps to Streamline Your Business Operations


There’s an App For That

How many times do you have to fill out the same form every day? How much paper do you waste on those forms, and how much time do you spend writing the same things down all the time? Wouldn’t it be easier if there was an app for all that?

There can be.

You can leverage all the power of a mobile app customized for any operation or process with Mobility by RJ Systems. Take any form you fill out regularly or process you complete every day – we can provide a unique app that you can use to streamline that process and easily complete it on any mobile device you use. Our Mobility app is already available now from the Apple or Google app stores!

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  • Do away with mountains of paper or clunky Excel files accessed on a tablet – we can create an app for any kind of form or business process you have.
  • Easily connect your forms and processes to your other business systems, including automated emails, PDF copies stored in your databases, specialized online reporting forms, and more.
  • Control and monitor all your connected apps from a central cloud-based admin hub, so you can easily send tasks and forms to users.
  • Maintain the security and confidentiality of your mobile data, knowing that your app is stored in a fully-secured data center with the highest protection.
  • Avoid confusion, messy handwriting, or potential errors by using adaptive text fields with built-in spellcheck to keep your information clean and clear.

The old saying is true: time is money. Save yours by streamlining the processes you complete every day with Mobility by RJ Systems.

Find out how YOUR business can reap the benefits of a fully customized mobile app by contacting us at (780) 851--4042 or today.

Send us one of your most-used forms, and we’ll build you a basic mock-up of what it would look like in our app!

Example: Incident / Injury Reports

Mobile App Development In Edmonton
Custom App Development in Edmonton
Custom Mobile Apps for the oilpatch
Mobile Application Development
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  • Enter all the necessary text fields with the details of the incident, ensuring they’re accurate and legible.
  • Automatically include exact GPS coordinates of where the incident occurred.
  • Augment your report with pictures snapped with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Include an automated timestamp that can’t be altered, forcing legitimacy.
  • Mark up a handy diagram to demonstrate where an individual was injured.
  • Automatically send a copy of the report to your safety management, incident reporting officer, and anyone else who needs to be in the know.