Beware of Credit Cart Skimming!

Credit card skimming is a very real threat, especially during holiday sale periods.

Cybercriminals are continually seeking to gain your personal information through varying methods. One very real and effective method is credit card skimming. This threat looks to steal your credit card information when you make an online purchase. How is possible? This is done through magecart attacks. Magecart is a term used to describe cyberattacks in which hackers implant malicious code into vulnerable websites and applications in order to steal credit card information as people enter it at a checkout page. This type of cyberattack isn’t anything new, but it is one that has increased popularity due to its high rate of success. This is in part due to being undetectable by the victim. Always make sure to only use reputable online retailers when purchasing.

For further information on magecart attacks and how to protect against them check out the post below.


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