Eufy Cameras Compromised!

Eufy cameras have become compromised! Here is what we know- A server upgrade gone wrong gave the Eufy camera users the ability to view the private feeds of other users. Thankfully, this was quickly discovered and patched, but it definitely leaves one to question how safe these systems are. Always research and think twice before […]

New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

A new privacy policy for WhatsApp looks to share all of your personal data with its parent company, Facebook. This new privacy policy is one of many updates to the app that has left users worldwide frustrated. When WhatsApp was bought out by Facebook back in 2014 the app did not collect any user data […]

Fake Chrome App for Android

Android phone users beware! This fake Google Chrome app is running rampant on devices and infecting thousands worldwide! How is this getting on android phones and how can you stay safe? Well, this cyber attack starts through a basic phishing scheme. Users receive a text message with a link, if you click on this link […]

Windows Defender Shares Your Files

Did you know that Microsoft’s built-in anti-virus, Windows Defender, secretly uploads files from your computer directly to Microsoft? While Windows Defender scans your computer for viruses, it also uploads any files it deems suspicious or malicious to Microsoft’s servers. Once here, Microsoft will analyze the file to determine if it is harmful to your computer […]

Emotet Malware Uninstalled by Police

Emotet malware is no more! Emotet was a very malicious malware infecting thousands of users worldwide. Once your system was compromised with this malware, you became part of the botnet, sending infected emails to other computers. On top of this other payloads would be distributed to your computer usually in the form of ransomware.  Police […]

What Does Google Truly Know?

Big corporations worldwide seek to obtain as much data on people as possible. Once they gain this information they can use it in many ways such as advertising. Google is one of the companies that tracks you the most. If you have a Google account, have ever used Google Maps or done a Google search, […]

Reset a Forgotten Windows 10 Password

Been a while since you have signed into your computer and you cannot remember your password? This frustrating scenario happens to many users of Windows 10 PCs. Thankfully there are ways to reset your password as long as you have met some of the prerequisites. goes into detail on how to reset local account […]

Update Your Google Chrome Now!

A new day, a new Google Chrome zero-day vulnerability. The year 2021 has not been a good one for Google Chrome. Multiple zero-day vulnerabilities have been affecting the web browser. While Google is quick to patch these, they keep popping up. Three more exploits were recently revealed and while two have currently been patched there […]

15 Helpful Commands for PCs

Not using the command line? Well, you should be! The command line is a text interface on your PC that takes in text commands and produces a result based upon what is entered. These are fairly straightforward and easy to use, but can be very powerful and produce interesting results so be careful when using […]

LinkedIn Malware Exploit

Be careful if you are using LinkedIn. Hackers are currently seeking to spread Malware via this platform. This phishing campaign tricks job seekers into clicking on job offers that contain malicious files. These job offers come in the form of a .zip file. These .zip files contain malware that hijacks legitimate Windows computer processes and […]