Huge Facebook Data Leak!

Look out! Over 500 Million Facebook Users’ personal data has been leaked online and is available to view for free. This data contains personal information that was stolen back in 2019 by abusing a Facebook vulnerability to scrape user data. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, and any other personal info you may have had […]

Critical iOS Update – Install Now!

Apple has released a critical update for devices affected by the zero-day vulnerability actively infecting users worldwide. The vulnerability (known as CVE-2021-1879) actively exploits iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watches. Once exploited your device and personal information will fall into the hands of the attacker. Don’t risk your security, update now to iOS 14.4.2 or […]

Windows Defender In Depth Analysis

One of the first things anyone should do when purchasing a new computer is to add an anti-virus to it. There are many good third-party antiviruses on the market which keep your computer fully protected. However, did you know Windows computers come with a built-in security system? Microsoft’s Windows Defender is currently packaged with all […]

Why Restarting A Computer Fixes It

You’ve tried every troubleshooting step imaginable and yet you still cannot fix an issue with your computer. Then you simply turn it off and on again and somehow the issue has disappeared entirely. Was this magic, was the issue even there to begin with? You ask yourself many questions before you forget about the problem […]

New Zoom Bug Exploited!

The popular web conferencing software, Zoom, is suffering from yet another bug. While Zoom has had a rocky past in regards to security, there were many steps taken by the company to improve it. Updates and features like end-to-end encryption were introduced in order to help make Zoom a more secure app.  Unfortunately, it appears […]

Has Your Android Been Hacked?

Did you know that smartphones can be hacked? Apple and Android phones are currently vulnerable to attack by malicious entities. You may want to check your phone thoroughly if it is displaying any odd behaviors such as freezing, crashing, being slow, or receiving weird pop-up ads. For Android, this involves checking your battery usage, installed […]

Another Google Zero-Day Flaw

Google warns of yet another zero-day vulnerability affecting Chrome users worldwide. This vulnerability, the third of the year for Chrome, is currently being worked on by Google technicians as they search for a fix. The negative effects of this vulnerability can cause issues with Chrome users on any computer system. If infected your system can […]

New Bitwarden Features!

Bitwarden, the password manager loved by many due to its open-source transparency and use of end-to-end encryption has just launched new features! Bitwarden’s latest addition is the ability to send files (up to 100MB) or text securely over the internet. You don’t even have to have a Bitwarden account to receive these files! What makes […]

What Google Truly Knows!

While most of us are aware that companies track our online habits, how much do they actually know? As it turns out Google has the ability to guess age, gender, marital status, personal-income bracket, and interests all based on your browsing habits. In fact, they even have a tool for this! While Google may have […]

File-Sharing Made Easy

Trying to share a file over email, but it won’t send due to file size restrictions? This frustrating experience can be easily remedied by the plethora of online sharing services available to you over the internet. You can either choose from quick, free, and easy-to-use cloud storage options such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Or […]