Should You Be Concerned About Apple Backdoor Use?

Accusations have recently been made that Apple has intentionally built a backdoor on 600 million iOS devices. Apple argues that this backdoor is meant for IT and troubleshooting purposes only. They go on to argue that this backdoor cannot be accessed without user consent. Jonathan Zdziarski a forensic researcher argues otherwise. At the recent Hackers […]

Self-Destruction Communication Apps on the Rise – How Can They Help or Hurt Your Business?

Self-destructing communication apps are currently on the rise, and it’s no wonder – living in a technologically advanced generation we are always looking for new ways to communicate in safer ways. Cyber Dust is a recent app that allows users to send text messages that self-destruct in 30 seconds, leaving absolutely no digital finger print, […]

Why the Microsoft Active Directory is Vulnerable to Attack

A critical design flaw has been uncovered in Microsoft’s Active Directory. Microsoft insists that any issues with the Active Directory have been long known and that they are in the process of repairing any flaws. However, in a recent phone interview, Tal Be’ery, vice president of research at Aorato said that, “The dire consequences we […]

Warning: Microsoft Support Scam on the Rise! Don’t Become an Unsuspecting Victim!

In early 2010, many individuals fell victim to a common scam, wherein hackers disguised themselves as Microsoft support technicians to trick unsuspecting victims into paying a fee to remove malware from their computers. And in the past few weeks, this fake support scam has reappeared with a vengeance! According to Kristen Kliphouse, Microsoft’s Executive of […]

Looking to ensure your IT systems and data remain secure and up-to-date?

Your business depends on your IT systems and data to continue day-to-day operations without disruption or downtime. We understand the importance of proactively maintaining your technology to ensure maximum productivity and profitability. We offer a full-service managed IT services plan to keep your business operating at it’s fullest potential! To learn more, give us a call at […]

Essential Apps For International Road Warriors

We as your IT experts understand the challenges that you probably will face when traveling either across the country or internationally. Do you know of some latest applications that will make your life easier while you are away? Here are some of the top applications for the road warrior. Triplt Of all the numerous travel-planning apps, […]

Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations With Technology That Works Right the First Time

Your business exists to ensure that your clients receive the best services possible. You need to remain up-to-date on the latest changes in your business and the economy so you and your staff can set your clients’ minds at ease knowing they’re receiving the best care. Shouldn’t your technology do the same? RJ Systems knows what a business like […]