Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows PCs

Looking to further your knowledge of Window’s PCs? Then these keyboard shortcuts are just for you. Going back and forth between keyboard and mouse can be a hassle. Thankfully, Windows computers have built-in shortcuts that make it so your hands can stay on the keys at all times. These shortcuts are very helpful as they […]

Windows 10 Hidden Features

Think you know all there is about Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system? Whether you are a seasoned pc veteran, or a new user you will find pcmag.com‘s hidden tricks for windows 10 to be extremely fun and helpful. This list includes many useful features such as how to test files and apps in a sandbox, […]

Windows Apps You Should Uninstall

Windows 10 is notorious for being filled with unnecessary software or bloatware. When you open up your start menu of your Windows PC you will see a list of software, also known as apps, installed. Many of these were installed when you were first setting up your computer and you have no use for. So […]

Reuse Your Old Router!

Don’t throw your old router in the trash, you can easily reuse it for many different tasks! When getting a new router usually the old one gets disposed of, returned to the supplier, or simply shoved in a drawer. If you have an old router lying around you may want to dust it off as […]

Windows File Recovery Tool

Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Tool is here to save the day! Ever accidentally erased a file from your computer? It may not be completely gone! Even if you have emptied your recycle bin some files can exist deep within your hard drive. In May 2020 with the latest Windows Update, Microsoft released a Windows File […]

Android Apps Now on Windows OS

Your favourite android applications are now available on Windows 10 computers! This is all done using Microsoft’s Your Phone app. In this app you are able to access certain Android apps and launch them on your Windows 10 PC. Previously, the Your Phone app was only able to mirror what was available on your phone, […]