Google Play Apps At Risk For Exploit

A months-old vulnerability is still affecting some popular apps from the Google Play store. While Google was quick to patch this bug back in March, not all developers have gone through the necessary steps in order to ensure their apps are safe. As much as 8{6297dfd3ed7941917dfb53bc7d21038112f456bada62d50765d254462ee1414a} of apps on the Google Play store are currently vulnerable […]

Password Stolen? Find Out Below

Have you ever had the extremely frustrating experience of having your password stolen? Here are some useful tips and tools to help you become aware if your online accounts become compromised. is a very helpful website that alerts you to any data breaches for websites you have created an account with. This ensures you […]

Joker Malware Infects Android Apps!

Joker malware is continuing to run rampant on the Google Play Store. Slowly becoming one of the most persistent as well as prominent sources of malware, Joker, has been invading Android phones and the Google Play Store for years now. This malicious piece of spyware is designed to steal text messages, your contacts, your personal […]

Windows Apps You Should Uninstall

Windows 10 is notorious for being filled with unnecessary software or bloatware. When you open up your start menu of your Windows PC you will see a list of software, also known as apps, installed. Many of these were installed when you were first setting up your computer and you have no use for. So […]

Android Apps Now on Windows OS

Your favourite android applications are now available on Windows 10 computers! This is all done using Microsoft’s Your Phone app. In this app you are able to access certain Android apps and launch them on your Windows 10 PC. Previously, the Your Phone app was only able to mirror what was available on your phone, […]

Malware Discovered on Android Phones

Malware is everywhere! Not only is malware on your computer, but on your smartphone and devices as well! It seems every day a new threat is released into the wild world that is technology. With that said it is our duty to be ever vigilant and keep everyone informed about the latest threat. BlackRock, is […]