Shlayer Malware Notarized by Apple

Somehow the Shlayer malware passed through Apple’s notarization process. Here is what we know. Introduced in macOS 10.15 (Catalina) Apple has an automated notary system in place that scans software for malicious content before it is distributed to macOS users.  This essentially allows for any malicious code to be detected and blocked effectively stopping the […]

Android Apps Now on Windows OS

Your favourite android applications are now available on Windows 10 computers! This is all done using Microsoft’s Your Phone app. In this app you are able to access certain Android apps and launch them on your Windows 10 PC. Previously, the Your Phone app was only able to mirror what was available on your phone, […]

Are Apps Spying on You?

Certain apps may be looking to take advantage of you and steal your information. When you install a new app onto your smart device it may ask for certain permissions. Sometimes these permissions seem odd, why does a food delivery app need access to your microphone and camera? This leads one to think, are these […]

Managing Money in Excel

Money in Excel is a new Excel template that streamlines your ability to track and manage your budget. Normally you would need to manually input your data on a timely basis, but with this new template you are able to link your bank accounts, credit cards and more. If you are already a Microsoft Office […]