Microsoft’s Fluid Framework

Microsoft’s Fluid Framework is a new component being developed to help improve how you use your documents. With the amount of collaboration going on in the workplace, Microsoft’s Fluid Framework looks to make this easier than ever. With this Fluid Framework being developed for Outlook, as well as you will soon be able to […]

Connectwise Control Phishing Emails

It has come to our attention that there is a security issue with ConnectWise Control. Recently we have identified a potential Phishing Scam using what appears to be a ScreenConnect URL via a website spoofing technique. Here is a sample of the phishing email used: If you have received this or a similar email, do not […]

Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPU Architecture

Nvidia’s has just revealed their new GPU architecture, Ampere. Ampere’s first appearance will be in the form of the A100, a data centre level GPU used to power DGX-A100 systems. Boasting a weight of 50 pounds, this GPU’s current usage is not meant for a consumer level, but more of a data-centre focused GPU. Nvidia’s […]