Harmful Chrome Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are a helpful way to improve your internet browsing experience, however, some extensions can be malicious! While there are many web browser extensions that aid us by providing services such as blocking ads and trackers or helping us with our grammar there are also some extensions that actively hinder and hurt our online […]

Windows 7 End-Of-Life Phishing Scam

Windows 7 reached it’s end of life earlier this year and now hackers are looking to take advantage of out of date systems! With Windows 7 no longer receiving patch support from Microsoft users of this operating system can be vulnerable to attack! Microsoft did release an extended security update for Windows 7 machines that […]

Apple’s Top Secret Project

It was recently revealed that Apple worked on a top-secret project for the United States Government. In 2005 the United States Department of Energy looked to have a special iPod developed. Two Department of Energy engineers worked on the project with one software developer from Apple. These engineers wanted to add some unique hardware to […]

Virtual Meetings and Holograms

Virtual meetings with Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing services have become the norm in 2020. While these services work fine for our normal day to day virtual meetings, what about large scale events and conferences? As more and more virtual events are popping up around the world, the Canadian company ARHT Media has […]