New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

A new privacy policy for WhatsApp looks to share all of your personal data with its parent company, Facebook. This new privacy policy is one of many updates to the app that has left users worldwide frustrated. When WhatsApp was bought out by Facebook back in 2014 the app did not collect any user data […]

Windows Defender Shares Your Files

Did you know that Microsoft’s built-in anti-virus, Windows Defender, secretly uploads files from your computer directly to Microsoft? While Windows Defender scans your computer for viruses, it also uploads any files it deems suspicious or malicious to Microsoft’s servers. Once here, Microsoft will analyze the file to determine if it is harmful to your computer […]

LinkedIn Malware Exploit

Be careful if you are using LinkedIn. Hackers are currently seeking to spread Malware via this platform. This phishing campaign tricks job seekers into clicking on job offers that contain malicious files. These job offers come in the form of a .zip file. These .zip files contain malware that hijacks legitimate Windows computer processes and […]

New Gmail Storage Policy

Did you know that Google recently changed their storage policies? In June of 2021 Google will be reducing the amount of storage your Gmail account has. If your Gmail services such as Google Drive, Email, or Photos exceed the new limit you will need to pay a fee or delete data! With these new changes […]

Hackers Targeting RDP Connections

Cyber criminals are looking to hack into your system and RDP is their latest way to do so. RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is a type of protocol that provides users the ability to connect to another computer over a network connection. Many different types of software utilize this, most notable the Remote Desktop Connection […]

Alternative Smart Phone OS

Did you know there are alternative operating systems for your smartphones instead of just Android and iOS ? While these mainstream operating systems are ideal for our normal, everyday life that doesn’t mean these alternatives do not have a purpose; even if it’s just simply testing them on an old device. In fact, it is […]

Emotet Botnet Stopped by FBI

The FBI and multiple other security agencies around the world have spent years battling against this botnet infrastructure and they have finally won! Emotet malware was originally discovered in 2014 has been running wild and infecting systems worldwide. Infected computers typically have their personal information stolen and their systems locked by ransomware. What makes this […]

New Computer? Here’s some tips

Purchased a new computer and are eager to start using it? Well, there are plenty of steps you can take to optimize your computer use. PCMag has created a listen of 11 crucial steps you should do right away! These steps include de-bloating your system from pre-existing software you do not need, choosing and installing […]

USB Cable That Hacks Your System!

USB Cables are on the attack! Most cybercriminals attempt to gain access to your personal information or computer via phishing attempts or malicious files, but one hacker has developed a unique tool to help him do his bidding. This tool is a simple USB cable. How is this possible? Well these USB cables are fitted […]

Flash Player is Dead! Uninstall Now!

Back in 2020 Adobe announced that they would be ending support for Adobe Flash player, and that day is finally here. Almost lasting 30 years on computers this older software was slowly phased out and replaced by better alternatives. Now that flash is no longer supported any content that requires this software will no longer […]