Emotet Botnet Stopped by FBI

The FBI and multiple other security agencies around the world have spent years battling against this botnet infrastructure and they have finally won! Emotet malware was originally discovered in 2014 has been running wild and infecting systems worldwide. Infected computers typically have their personal information stolen and their systems locked by ransomware. What makes this […]

USB Cable That Hacks Your System!

USB Cables are on the attack! Most cybercriminals attempt to gain access to your personal information or computer via phishing attempts or malicious files, but one hacker has developed a unique tool to help him do his bidding. This tool is a simple USB cable. How is this possible? Well these USB cables are fitted […]

Emotet Botnet Attacks

Emotet botnet has returned! After a few months-long hiatus, the Emotet botnet attacks have started again. These attacks are being carried out through different phishing-style attacks so make sure you are very careful when accessing your emails! Once infected your personal data becomes compromised and your computer becomes part of this botnet. For those unaware, […]

Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows PCs

Looking to further your knowledge of Window’s PCs? Then these keyboard shortcuts are just for you. Going back and forth between keyboard and mouse can be a hassle. Thankfully, Windows computers have built-in shortcuts that make it so your hands can stay on the keys at all times. These shortcuts are very helpful as they […]

VPN – An Important Security Tool

Not yet utilizing a VPN? Maybe you should reconsider. With cybercrime at an all-time high it is necessary we use all of the tools at our disposal in order to stay safe online. VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of these tools. A VPN works by creating a secure connection between your computer and […]

Google Drive Scam

Google Drive is the latest target of cybercriminals. With phishing attacks and cybercrime at an all-time high, not many big companies can escape from being targeted. Google is no exception to this as its cloud-based storage system in which users can easily store files as well as share them has recently become the forefront of […]

McAfee Software Scam

Looking to install McAfee antivirus software? Be careful as hackers are looking to take advantage of this! The hacking group known as APT 31 or Advanced Persistent Threat is back with another attempt at infecting people with malware. This group who was responsible for targeting many presidential campaigns are looking to impersonate McAfee antivirus software […]

Secure Your Zoom Account Now!

The video conferencing software Zoom is releasing yet another update that aims to secure your account. Initially plagued with zoom-bombing, as well as a plethora of security-related issues, Zoom, looks to improve its reputation with yet another great update. Zoom’s previous update greatly improved security on all accounts by introducing end-to-end encryption. Now, Zoom looks […]

QBot Trojan’s Change of Tactics

The Qbot malware is looking at new ways of infecting computers. QBot malware, also known as Pinkslipbot or Qakbot has been infecting computers for over 10 years. Initially developed to steal banking information, this malware has evolved to include many other forms of attack including ransomware deployment. It’s most latest weapon is the ability to […]

QNAP & QSnatch Malware

QSnatch is the latest malware affecting many network-attached storage devices (NAS) made by QNAP. For those who are unaware, a network-attached storage device, or NAS, for short, is essentially a computer connected to a network that provides file storage for devices connected to that network.  Having a NAS set up enables you to easily backup […]