Save Data From Unbootable PC

Looking to save some data from a computer that you cannot get to boot? Having your computer not boot up when all of your data is saved on it can be very stressful. This is why it is always a best practice to save your data to multiple locations utilizing tools such as cloud storage, […]

Are Underwater Datacenters Possible?

Microsoft’s latest data center is located underwater!? Typically speaking water and electronics do not mix, but with Microsoft’s latest endeavor they do. Project Natick is an innovative research project which seeks to determine if it is possible to power subsea datacenters with offshore renewable energy. This multi-year long study has attempted to prove the reliability […]

Erase your Digital Footprint

Is it truly possible for one to completely erase their online presence and digital footprint? With so many companies suffering cyberattacks and having personal information leaked it makes one wary over what information they have online. While you are able to protect yourself from things like trackers by using browser plugins, is it possible to […]

Clipboard in iOS Privacy Concerns

Clipboard may not be a safe place to store your copied text. Whenever you copy or save text on your smart phone this information is temporarily stored in what is called your clipboard. It has come to the attention of some researchers that many popular apps have been scanning and viewing this information on Apple’s […]