Windows Apps You Should Uninstall

Windows 10 is notorious for being filled with unnecessary software or bloatware. When you open up your start menu of your Windows PC you will see a list of software, also known as apps, installed. Many of these were installed when you were first setting up your computer and you have no use for. So […]

Windows File Recovery Tool

Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Tool is here to save the day! Ever accidentally erased a file from your computer? It may not be completely gone! Even if you have emptied your recycle bin some files can exist deep within your hard drive. In May 2020 with the latest Windows Update, Microsoft released a Windows File […]

Erase your Digital Footprint

Is it truly possible for one to completely erase their online presence and digital footprint? With so many companies suffering cyberattacks and having personal information leaked it makes one wary over what information they have online. While you are able to protect yourself from things like trackers by using browser plugins, is it possible to […]

Managing Facebook Activity

Facebook’s latest update is including some nice changes that help you clean up your older posts. Maybe something you shared, or wrote in the past on Social Media may not express who you are today. Thankfully, Facebook is now introducing a new tool that will help users archive or delete their old posts. This Manage […]