Canon Suffers Ransomware Attack

Canon is the latest victim in a ransomware attack! It is believed that the Maze Ransomware Group is responsible for this ransomware incident. This attack caused many of Canon’s domains to be knocked offline, as well as causing issues with Canon’s internal applications. One of the main goals of these ransomware attacks is to steal […]

Zoom Improves it’s Security

Zoom is beefing up it’s security! Known for it’s security and privacy issues, the video conferencing program, Zoom, is looking to increase it’s security by adding end to end encryption. This update is schedule for a beta release sometime in July 2020. All users of Zoom will have the ability to use this end-to-end encryption, […]

Privacy Focused Video Conferencing

When using video conferencing applications we want to make sure all of our privacy and security needs are met. With constant headlines in the news about Zoom’s security issue, as well as, “Zoom-Bombing” we need to ensure we are using an application which ensures we are protected. “Brave Together” is the latest video conferencing software […]