Harmful Chrome Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are a helpful way to improve your internet browsing experience, however, some extensions can be malicious! While there are many web browser extensions that aid us by providing services such as blocking ads and trackers or helping us with our grammar there are also some extensions that actively hinder and hurt our online […]

Battery Life Extension for Laptops

Battery life issues can be a huge issue when you are working away from a power source. With technology advancing further and further most new laptops boast a long run time, but there are still certain things you can do that ensure you get the longest life out of your battery. Working on a well-ventilated […]

Chrome Extension for Sharing Text

Sharing an article can be difficult. Sometimes you may only want to share a specific part of the text. With the Link to Text Fragment browser extension for Google Chrome, sharing has never been easier! This browser extension for Google Chrome allows you to highlight text and create a link directly to it that you […]

Dangerous Chrome Extensions

Extensions are usually a beneficial way to customize your web browser. There are many useful extensions available such as tracking and ad blockers. Unfortunately, there are extensions available which seek to spy on you and steal your personal information. Some extensions on Google Chrome were recently discovered to have been spying on users and stealing […]