Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows PCs

Looking to further your knowledge of Window’s PCs? Then these keyboard shortcuts are just for you. Going back and forth between keyboard and mouse can be a hassle. Thankfully, Windows computers have built-in shortcuts that make it so your hands can stay on the keys at all times. These shortcuts are very helpful as they […]

Apple iOS 14 Security Features

Apple’s latest iOS 14 has some incredible security and privacy features. Now that iOS 14 has been released for Apple devices you can enjoy the new and innovative security features that come with it. Getting notifications when data is copied from your clipboard, the ability to allow apps to view your general location instead of […]

Facebook Features You May Not Know

With Facebook being around for years most users probably feel they have mastered everything about the website.  Even with more and more social media platforms popping up Facebook is still a central hub for connecting with your friends and family. Check out some of these tips which will certainly enhance your experience while using Facebook. […]