New Computer? Here’s some tips

Purchased a new computer and are eager to start using it? Well, there are plenty of steps you can take to optimize your computer use. PCMag has created a listen of 11 crucial steps you should do right away! These steps include de-bloating your system from pre-existing software you do not need, choosing and installing […]

New Windows Feature!

Microsoft’s Windows Experience Pack has come out with it’s latest update! These experience packs look to be released as small updates developed independently outside of the operating system. This means that in the future you may not have to rely upon complete feature updates in order to receive new improvements. Currently only available to windows […]

Starlink Testing Results Are In!

The beta testing for Starlink is underway! Living in a rural area with limited or no internet? Well, Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet might be your best hope for a modern and fast internet connection. Recently opened up for beta testing, Starlink has launched in a limited capacity, but so far it has had big […]

Windows 10 Hidden Features

Think you know all there is about Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system? Whether you are a seasoned pc veteran, or a new user you will find‘s hidden tricks for windows 10 to be extremely fun and helpful. This list includes many useful features such as how to test files and apps in a sandbox, […]

Enhance Google Drive With These Tips

Do you want to enhance your Google Drive experience? Here are some tips and tricks on how to do so. Getting the most out of any program is usually a good idea. While Google Drive may come across as a normal cloud based file storage system there are multiple changes you can make in order […]

Are Underwater Datacenters Possible?

Microsoft’s latest data center is located underwater!? Typically speaking water and electronics do not mix, but with Microsoft’s latest endeavor they do. Project Natick is an innovative research project which seeks to determine if it is possible to power subsea datacenters with offshore renewable energy. This multi-year long study has attempted to prove the reliability […]

Apple’s Top Secret Project

It was recently revealed that Apple worked on a top-secret project for the United States Government. In 2005 the United States Department of Energy looked to have a special iPod developed. Two Department of Energy engineers worked on the project with one software developer from Apple. These engineers wanted to add some unique hardware to […]

Tesla Short-Shorts On Sale Now!

Tesla’s newest exciting commodity is… short-shorts!? While Tesla’s Elon Musk continues to innovate and progress technology through his many ventures such as electric cars and space travel, his latest announcement is quite interesting. To the shock of many, Tesla, recently announced they are releasing Tesla branded short-shorts as their latest undertaking. Why short-shorts? These shorts […]