Eufy Cameras Compromised!

Eufy cameras have become compromised! Here is what we know- A server upgrade gone wrong gave the Eufy camera users the ability to view the private feeds of other users. Thankfully, this was quickly discovered and patched, but it definitely leaves one to question how safe these systems are. Always research and think twice before […]

D-Link Routers at Risk!

A zero-day vulnerability has been detected on some D-Link hardware! Some flawed firmware (version 3.14 and 3.17) has impacted D-Link router models DSR-150, DSR-250, DSR-500, and DSR-1000AC VPN. This flaw leaves these routers open to unauthenticated access over the internet. This makes the routers a prime target for a cybercriminal as once accessed the hacker […]

Spotify Data Leak!

The music streaming service, Spotify, recently had to reset passwords for around 350 000 accounts. Why did this happen? Researchers found a database not owned by Spotify that was filled with login credentials. According to these researchers the database had no relation to Spotify which lead them to believe these accounts were hijacked via credential […]

URL Redirection Attacks and You

URL redirection attacks are a dangerous attack vector used by cybercriminals. URL redirection attacks are a form of phishing attack designed to cause a malware infection or a data breach. These attacks usually try and trick you into going to important websites such as an online banking account, or a shopping account with a linked […]

QR Code Safety Concerns

QR or Quick Response are a barcode which once scanned displays some useful form of information such as redirecting you towards a URL. These types of forms are becoming increasingly popular as many businesses move towards forgoing traditional paper options like brochures and menus. With these codes popping up in all facets of life it […]

Facebook – A Phisher’s Paradise

Browsing Facebook may be more dangerous than you think! In a recent study done it was found that Facebook is the number one website used by cybercriminals for phishing attacks! In these phishing attacks, cybercriminals are attempting to gain information such as your Facebook login credentials or other personal information. Facebook accounts usually hold many […]

McAfee Software Scam

Looking to install McAfee antivirus software? Be careful as hackers are looking to take advantage of this! The hacking group known as APT 31 or Advanced Persistent Threat is back with another attempt at infecting people with malware. This group who was responsible for targeting many presidential campaigns are looking to impersonate McAfee antivirus software […]

Clean up Your PC!

Did you know you can easily and freely clean up your PC to make it run smoother and faster? As your computer ages, it may fill up with useless software or files you no longer need. This may cause your computer to run slowly. If you would like to improve the performance of your computer […]

Windows 7 End-Of-Life Phishing Scam

Windows 7 reached it’s end of life earlier this year and now hackers are looking to take advantage of out of date systems! With Windows 7 no longer receiving patch support from Microsoft users of this operating system can be vulnerable to attack! Microsoft did release an extended security update for Windows 7 machines that […]

Joker Malware Infects Android Apps!

Joker malware is continuing to run rampant on the Google Play Store. Slowly becoming one of the most persistent as well as prominent sources of malware, Joker, has been invading Android phones and the Google Play Store for years now. This malicious piece of spyware is designed to steal text messages, your contacts, your personal […]