Microsoft Breached? What We Know

Even Microsoft could not escape the attack that has affected government institutes and thousands of companies around the world. This attack was the result of IT management and remote monitoring software, Solarwinds, becoming compromised by hackers. Once this software was compromised it allowed backdoors into the systems it was installed upon. Microsoft has confirmed it […]

Cruise Line Hit by Ransomware

World’s largest cruise line unable to dodge wave of new cybersecurity attacks. When one hears of a breach on a cruise line they would expect it to be the hull of the ship, in this case, it’s different, it’s a breach of cybersecurity.  Recently it was revealed that the Carnival Cruise Line has become the […]

Twitter Hacked – Everything We Know

Twitter was recently compromised! On July 15th, 2020 we witnessed one of the most prolific hacks in recent memory. Many popular, verified, twitter user’s accounts were compromised by this coordinated assault. Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West and more had their accounts taken over. What was the motive here? Money. These hackers looked to scam […]