Emotet Malware Uninstalled by Police

Emotet malware is no more! Emotet was a very malicious malware infecting thousands of users worldwide. Once your system was compromised with this malware, you became part of the botnet, sending infected emails to other computers. On top of this other payloads would be distributed to your computer usually in the form of ransomware.  Police […]

Huge Facebook Data Leak!

Look out! Over 500 Million Facebook Users’ personal data has been leaked online and is available to view for free. This data contains personal information that was stolen back in 2019 by abusing a Facebook vulnerability to scrape user data. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, and any other personal info you may have had […]

Emotet Botnet Stopped by FBI

The FBI and multiple other security agencies around the world have spent years battling against this botnet infrastructure and they have finally won! Emotet malware was originally discovered in 2014 has been running wild and infecting systems worldwide. Infected computers typically have their personal information stolen and their systems locked by ransomware. What makes this […]

WhatsApp Malware on Android

New WhatsApp exploit automatically replies to your contacts with malware-infected links on Android OS! Be very careful while using WhatsApp as this new attack looks to install malware on your Android device. Once installed this malware gains access to your personal information and starts spreading to other contacts on your phone! How is this done? […]

USB Cable That Hacks Your System!

USB Cables are on the attack! Most cybercriminals attempt to gain access to your personal information or computer via phishing attempts or malicious files, but one hacker has developed a unique tool to help him do his bidding. This tool is a simple USB cable. How is this possible? Well these USB cables are fitted […]

New – Windows 10 File Recovery

Back in June of 2020, Microsoft released an excellent new file recovery tool called Windows File Recovery. This helped users recover files that may have been deleted by mistake. Unfortunately, the initial release was a bit confusing and difficult to use. Thankfully, Microsoft has updated its tool to make it more streamlined and simplified. This […]

Emotet Botnet Attacks

Emotet botnet has returned! After a few months-long hiatus, the Emotet botnet attacks have started again. These attacks are being carried out through different phishing-style attacks so make sure you are very careful when accessing your emails! Once infected your personal data becomes compromised and your computer becomes part of this botnet. For those unaware, […]

Do you need local admin rights?

When settings up a user profile on a computer there are many different options and settings to choose from to optimize performance. For many users having local admin rights is a normal part of a profile setup and the risks of having this level of privileges are often overlooked. Why is having admin rights a […]

Harmful Chrome Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are a helpful way to improve your internet browsing experience, however, some extensions can be malicious! While there are many web browser extensions that aid us by providing services such as blocking ads and trackers or helping us with our grammar there are also some extensions that actively hinder and hurt our online […]

Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows PCs

Looking to further your knowledge of Window’s PCs? Then these keyboard shortcuts are just for you. Going back and forth between keyboard and mouse can be a hassle. Thankfully, Windows computers have built-in shortcuts that make it so your hands can stay on the keys at all times. These shortcuts are very helpful as they […]