Hackers Targeting RDP Connections

Cyber criminals are looking to hack into your system and RDP is their latest way to do so. RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is a type of protocol that provides users the ability to connect to another computer over a network connection. Many different types of software utilize this, most notable the Remote Desktop Connection […]

Spotify Data Leak!

The music streaming service, Spotify, recently had to reset passwords for around 350 000 accounts. Why did this happen? Researchers found a database not owned by Spotify that was filled with login credentials. According to these researchers the database had no relation to Spotify which lead them to believe these accounts were hijacked via credential […]

McAfee Software Scam

Looking to install McAfee antivirus software? Be careful as hackers are looking to take advantage of this! The hacking group known as APT 31 or Advanced Persistent Threat is back with another attempt at infecting people with malware. This group who was responsible for targeting many presidential campaigns are looking to impersonate McAfee antivirus software […]

Unremovable Malware!

New malware out in the wild that is practically unremovable! Recently discovered by Kaspersky Labs, this malware developed by Chinese hackers is able to exploit a computer’s UEFI, evade normal antivirus software and even survive Windows OS reinstalls. This malware is used as a hacking tool that steals documents and installs other unwanted malware. See […]