Website Won’t Open? Try this

When you open up a certain web page it won’t load or gives you an error it can be rather annoying. This can sometimes be an issue with the website itself, but other times it can be an issue on your computer. The most simple way to check is to see if the website is […]

New Windows Feature!

Microsoft’s Windows Experience Pack has come out with it’s latest update! These experience packs look to be released as small updates developed independently outside of the operating system. This means that in the future you may not have to rely upon complete feature updates in order to receive new improvements. Currently only available to windows […]

Enhance Google Drive With These Tips

Do you want to enhance your Google Drive experience? Here are some tips and tricks on how to do so. Getting the most out of any program is usually a good idea. While Google Drive may come across as a normal cloud based file storage system there are multiple changes you can make in order […]

Windows 7 End-Of-Life Phishing Scam

Windows 7 reached it’s end of life earlier this year and now hackers are looking to take advantage of out of date systems! With Windows 7 no longer receiving patch support from Microsoft users of this operating system can be vulnerable to attack! Microsoft did release an extended security update for Windows 7 machines that […]

Strengthen Your Router Security Now

Securing your router at home is quick and easy! While most computer users focus on having strong passwords or two-factor authentication enabled to ensure their personal accounts are secure, their home network configurations often get overlooked. Did you know there are many steps you can take to improve your home network just by securing your […]