RJ Systems Ltd. Helps An Engineering Consulting Firm In Edmonton Bring Their Information Systems Up-to-Speed & Backup Data for More Peace of Mind!


When a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm was struggling with their previous IT support company’s inability to provide the services and response times necessary, they started searching for an IT support company that offered reliable and proactive IT services and support.

The Situation: A Need for Quick Response Times & A Complete Infrastructure Overhaul to Bring Their Information Systems Up to Speed

When their previous IT support company wasn’t able to provide enough services and quick response times, the engineering firm started searching for another IT support company; and they took a unique approach to finding the right IT support company for their needs.

Their project manager explained, “We asked another IT support company and RJ Systems Ltd. for a proposal. They came in, we did a meeting and showed them our facilities, as well as the logistics end of things, then asked them to offer a proposal of what they could do.”

He continued, “We didn’t know what we needed so we wanted to get advice from IT experts. Another firm recommended RJ Systems Ltd. to us, and we went ahead with them. Since then, we’ve been quite happy.

The Solution: Managed IT Services & A Complete Infrastructure Overhaul to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Downtime & Provide More Peace of Mind

After the managed IT services proposal was submitted and approved, RJ Systems Ltd. started a complete IT infrastructure overhaul – virtualizing all of their primary line of business applications, rebuilding a corrupted domain, implementing an onsite and offsite data backup/disaster recovery solution, and rebuilding their on-premise Exchange server.

Their project manager offered some insight into the infrastructure overhaul, “RJ Systems Ltd. replaced an antiquated server, mail system, and file server system and brought them up to current standards. They also put in a new firewall, applied a different VPN system, and implemented data backup to make sure we’re able to retrieve our data properly if something crashes.

He continued to discuss the risks associated with data loss, “It’d be catastrophic. We have lots of hard copies of things in the building but everyone relies on digital files nowadays. [If data loss occurred], it would’ve been a big loss of cash and revenue. It could’ve been a huge blow to the company!

The Outcome: An Engineering Consulting Firm That Benefits from Proactive IT Services & Responsive IT Support

The engineering consulting firm now benefits from a revamped infrastructure to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and provide peace of mind. Plus, their field staff members are able to leverage timely, reliable support via a responsive call center.

Their project manager expressed his appreciation, “RJ Systems Ltd. is more proactive than others and it makes good business sense to be that way. They regularly remind us of things and improve our systems while planning for the future. They’re also very personable. They’ll sit down and explain things, which definitely helps keep the communication line open.”

Interested in proactive IT services & responsive IT support designed to keep your business information systems operating at peak performance? Give us a call at (780) 851--4042 or send us an email at info@rjsystems.ca. RJ Systems Ltd. is the preferred IT support company for businesses in Edmonton and across Alberta.