A Ghost in the Machine


A multi-industry equipment provider had its fill of wayward technology support from its former IT partner. It turned to RJ Systems to rebuild its IT infrastructure and reduce the problematic downtime it was suffering


Saddled by poor-performing IT infrastructure and a lasses-faire technology partner, a multi-industry equipment retailer called on RJ Systems to fix what ailed why not try here.


The Flaman Group of Companies has 350 employees and has offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, its home province Saskatchewan, and in the State of Montana. Since 1959, this firm has provided a diversified product line that includes equipment for the marine, agricultural, fitness and transportation industries.


Rocky Amson, General Manager of Flaman Group of Companies. “RJ Systems are professionals. They’re taking care of our operations in B.C. and Alberta and they’re doing an outstanding job.”


The situation: A multi-industry equipment retailer needed more responsive, comprehensive IT support and services from its outsourced technology partner.


The RJ Systems solution: Implement a fully redundant virtualized infrastructure, improved disaster recovery mechanisms, and plot a course for future scalability.


Now, Flaman has a modern, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure, and a trusted managed service provider in RJ Systems to resolve issues if/when they arise.


“If we had to rate them on a scale of 10, I’d give RJ Systems a score of at least 9.5. They maintain all of our IT infrastructure, desktops, software, and oversee our companywide network between our various offices and retail store locations,” Amson said. “We have no downtime now, and we have an improved offsite backup system in place. They know how to talk to people, they’re responsive, friendly, and they do good work.”


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