Your Information Technology, is it a competative advantage?


Time marches on

Are you using the latest technology to gain a competitive advantage? Advancements over the past couple of years are proving to be huge capability multipliers for many organizations. Drones improve building and grounds inspection. Customer Relations Management software ensures that your customers are fully engaged. Mobile applications improve the efficiency of your organization.

Larger companies have dedicated IT departments because they retain a business advantage by having their IT issues resolved quickly. You can also have the advantage of an in-house IT department without the expense by leveraging a Managed Services Provider like RJ Systems and taking advantage of Cloud computing systems.

RJ Systems is equipped to ensure that your daily use of technology goes smoothly. We provide timely support and training as requested. We are also very pro-active in managing updates, upgrades and maintenance. Our goal is to have your IT systems running so seamlessly that your competition can only hope to keep up.

Mobile applications

Every single one of your employees has a smartphone. If not, then very nearly all of them. What if you could leverage the technology in their pockets to collect the information you need about projects?

RJ Systems is equipped to create mobile applications at a very reasonable cost and on a very short timeline. These applications are currently assisting our customers with site inspections, project tracking, safety inspections and many other mission critical activities.

Cloud computing

Have you grown to the point where your processes require dedicated servers? RJ Systems can help you implement these servers in whatever way your business requires. However, we are also uniquely positioned to save you the ongoing expense of purchasing and maintaining on-site servers by migrating your business applications, email and file shares to the Cloud. RJ Systems has a data center located in Canada so that you can off-site your data and remain compliant with Canadian privacy regulations.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing is economical – software costs are billed as a service on a monthly basis. This allows a small or medium sized company to expense the subscription charge and not have to amortize it if they bought the software outright. In addition, all you need is a way to reach the internet to access your cloud-based programs and data; this saves hardware acquisition costs as well as waiting long periods for amortization. RJ Systems will maintain your programs and data on our hardware and includes your use of it in your monthly expenses.
  • Cloud computing is portable – modern business is mobile business. With some people at the office and some in the field, managed IT services in the cloud are a great fit for collaborating with business associates and project partners.
  • Scalability is another advantage of cloud computing and managed IT services. Adding users means adding another subscriber which is generally less expensive than adding hardware and obtaining an additional user license.
  • Security – there is no need for you to keep security patch updates as part of your office’s responsibility. RJ Systems will do that, so you don’t have to.
  • RJ Systems can help automate marketing tasks for your company, such as mail-outs or email notifications.

Some Examples of How IT Improves any Firms Competitiveness

  • The first thing that modern managed IT services brings to a company is easy collaboration on plans, change orders, supply ordering and more. When everyone sees the identical information it keeps everyone all on the same page. This improves a firm’s competitiveness as other small or medium-sized construction companies may not have similar services.
  • This makes the use of a tablet easy and workers in the field no longer need to lug a ton of paperwork such as plans, inspection forms, drawings, and accident reports. All are easily recalled by the tablet from wherever they are stored.
  • Mobile applications can be run on phones or tablets to further improve communication between the field and the office.
  • Managed IT services help improve competitiveness through a better quality project and cost-savings. High-quality work at a competitive price always increases sales. Better quality is a welcome side-effect of collaboration by all stakeholders; high quality through collaboration leads to cost savings that cause higher profits.
  • Using the cloud, RJ Systems gives small and medium-sized companies the same kind of technology that global giant companies enjoy through their in-house IT departments.
  • Cloud computing allows for a balance between back-office functions such as payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing with field tasks such as project inspections or incident reporting as well as meetings in client offices.

Take Aways

  1. Small and medium-sized companies can utilize managed cloud IT services to gain a competitive presence with other larger construction companies.
  2. Companies that embrace cloud technology and subscription services complete projects with higher than average quality.
  3. Companies achieve this enhanced quality at lower cost.

We are on your side. Let RJ Systems make your technology a competitive advantage.

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