Founder’s Message

Most people dream of starting a business at some point in their lives; the draw of freedom, financial gain and independence are huge driving factors for this.

Both of RJ’s founders, Ricky Schendel and Jay-Dee Netter, were at a crossroads in their careers in 2005. Both had reached the “glass ceiling.” Both were looking for “something more.”

At a coffee shop in the summer of 2005, Jay-Dee asked Ricky what the driving force or primary focus of the yet to be named IT support company would be: Ricky replied, “value.” Clients want value for their money, they want someone they can trust, but ultimately they want to see results for the fee charged. Jay-Dee replied, with “Uptime, security, and peace of mind. Every business owner wants to be able to run their business without worrying about technology.”

Ricky said, “Exactly: value!”

From its inception in 2005, RJ Systems has focused on supporting businesses across Alberta with their technology challenges. Working in healthcare allowed RJ Systems to tailor IT solutions that span all medical practices, from a general practitioner to an ophthalmologist. These tailored technology solutions allow doctors to focus on patient care, not technology errors.

RJ Systems is relationship focused; we build our relationships with our clients based on the following 4 principles:

  • Reputation – The majority of RJ Systems’ clients are introduced through referral, so our reputation is very important to us. We work to always show clients the value in our services, to right any wrongs, and to ultimately look out for the clients best interest. In return, our clients speak very highly of us; this helps solidify our reputation and allows for exciting and sustainable organic growth.
  • Reliability – Too many IT companies hide behind their contracts, not willing to go to the extra mile when push comes to shove. RJ Systems commits to our service level agreements – we ensure we are available when needed the most, but we are also there if you have a simple question or an idea you want to develop for your business. Our team is available to our clients whenever they need us, for whatever they need us for.
  • Honesty — Technology offers many different solutions for the same problem; this can cause confusion for businesses as it is difficult to determine what solution is right for their needs and if they are paying a fair price. RJ Systems takes the time to learn how your business operates. From there, we will tailor a technology solution and plan for your business based on your needs, not on a specific vendor. We are transparent and vendor agnostic, so when we propose a solution, our clients know we do it with their best interest in mind and not because we are aligned with a specific vendor of platform. If specific solution isn’t a fit, we won’t recommend it; if a solution surfaces that will benefit your business, we will be the first to let you know.
  • Trust — The starting point of any relationship is trust. RJ Systems’ clients trust our team wholeheartedly with their technology requirements. We build trust by delivering tailored solutions that work. We build trust by engaging our clients and listening to their business needs, not dictating to them. We build trust by taking a transparent approach to technology issues.

Every business owner strives for success, and worrying about technology issues distracts owners from that success. RJ Systems is your Trusted Technology Partner: there are no problems, only solutions. Let us help!

Ricky Schendel and Jay-Dee Netter
RJ Systems