Just in time for Halloween… Masquerading Malware


Ransomware Has Been Identified in Counterfeit Downloads

There are many useful and fun things to legitimately download on the internet. Frequently, important programs for archiving files or preventing malware infections can be downloaded for free. Trial versions of games are usually innocent ways for game developers to provide a taste of their product so that they can sell the game to more people. However, we do have to be very careful what we download and run on our computers.

Malwarebytes is a tool for identifying and removing nasty programs from your computer. However, you do have to be careful where you download tools from. There is a file out on the internet right now that looks like Malwarebytes but once run, it infects your computer with DetoxCrypto Ransomware.

There is another version of DetoxCrypto that pretends to be a version of PokemonGo. But once run, it infects your computer and prevents any access to your files.

There are other pieces of software that have been released that are masquerading as useful tools as well. Winzip and other archiving tools are useful, but there are infected versions of the installers available on the internet for the unsuspecting user to download.

Ransomware in general is problematic, because once infected there is usually nothing that can be done other than pay the extortionists to get your data back. Unless you have a plan.

RJ Systems has a plan.

By implementing a proper next generation Fortinet Firewall in conjunction with Webroot antivirus we can prevent Ransomware infections before they get a chance to take hold.

If, by chance, there is a ransomware variant that doesn’t get stopped in its tracks by the prevention, RJ Systems also has a cure. Effective backups.

With a proper backup plan in place, in the event that ransomware takes hold we can roll a computer back to a state before the infection incident, thus ensuring that little or no work is lost and minimizing downtime.