Microsoft Outlook Crash Fix – Office 365

Microsoft’s latest update to the click to run version of Office 365 Outlook is causing it to constantly crash. There are no problems only solutions, let RJ SYSTEMS Technical team guide you through this journey…

It was a quiet, rainy, Wednesday morning when disaster struck. Emails coming in left and right, phones ringing off the hook, one after one clients reached out to RJ SYSTEMS to help with a seemingly broken Outlook. Outlook was just working and now it’s crashing! Thankfully, they did not need to fear as the quick-witted, fast-acting RJ SYSTEMS talented Technician Team was on the case! We quickly deployed our top minds in discovering the root of the problem, as well as coming up with a solution. This wasn’t easy, we tried solution after solution, but no luck… We had to ask ourselves, how did so many Outlooks go down at once and how could we fix this!? That is where the root of the problem was discovered. Due to a faulty update that Microsoft sneaked in without notifying anyone, users worldwide were unable to use Outlook. With this knowledge at hand, we quickly leaped into action. Downgrading Microsoft Office to a previous version seemed like the perfect solution. Using the scary and powerful command-line we did the following on the affected machine:

Start > Run type CMD and right click and run as administrator

cd “Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedClickToRun”

and then run this command officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.12827.20470

This allowed for Office and Outlook to be rolled back to a previous, usable version.  (This can take between 5-15 minutes depending on your internet connection so make sure to refill the coffee and patiently wait.) Like magic, email started working again and thus the day was saved! In a tweet, Microsoft eventually acknowledges this issue and is currently developing a fix for those who don’t have a team of geniuses readily at their disposal. If you’re in that same situation call our business development associate Mr. Jay Dee Netter (780-851-4042) if your not in Edmonton we can help clients across Canada and have a toll free number with technicians ready to help (888-471-3616)

When it comes to fast-acting, reliable experts always remember your trusted technology solutions provider, RJ SYSTEMS LTD.


Their’s no problems only solutions, we are ready to help tackle any business challenges 🙂