Mobile forms, Apps and Paper

It’s 2016, this should be easier.

Application as a Service

Everyone has a need to get the right information to the right people at the right time. In order to accomplish this you, like everyone else, need to collect data.

Businesses absolutely rely on forms. Paper forms allow for gathering concrete and uniform information. However, handwriting has always left something to be desired and you still can’t always get the correct information in a timely way. There’s a delay between the employee writing the information down and you being able to read it. Paper can be lost, damaged and frequently must be scanned to be useful in our modern mobile world.

Our application as a service platform is the perfect solution.

Presently we have clients that are using our App as a Service platform to solve issues with employee timesheets, incident reporting, task checklists, task assignment and so on. Anything that you’re currently using a paper form for, we can migrate to a mobile device.

RJ Systems App as a Service solves the issue with tracking who has submitted information by allowing you to assign specific tasks to specific employees, with the system providing notification when those tasks are completed. Our custom connectors allow us to email you the results, store them on your server, even sync them with your cloud storage.

You truly get the right information to the right people at the right time!

The employee’s cell phone or tablet also provides tremendous benefits:

  • We can collect GPS information about where a form was filled out.
  • We can collect and report specific time information (timestamp) accurate to the second.
  • We can verify the information on a form is correct before allowing it to be submitted.
  • We can collect photographs from the phone’s camera and add them to the form.
  • We can use the camera on the phone as a bar-code scanner for tracking physical objects.
  • We can collect signatures directly on the device’s touch screen.

All of these features are available to improve the quality of the data collected and the efficiency of how that data is collected.

If you have a need to collect information from employees, and who doesn’t. Let us help you improve the quality and efficiency of your data collection processes.

We’re here to help.

RJ Systems is equipped to write simple mobile applications customized for your business. Imagine the possibilities!

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