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Your healthcare organization faces a wide range of unique technology challenges – from securing electronic protected health information to ensuring optimal communication amongst staff members, there’s no room to be struggling with new technologies or frustrating IT issues. In fact, you need your technology to be up and running around-the-clock to serve your patients effectively.

That’s where RJ Systems LTD comes in: we specialize in the proactive IT services and support healthcare organizations depend on to enhance productivity, reduce errors, and better serve their patients. To learn more, give us a call at (780) 851-4042 or send us an email at

When you’re implementing new healthcare technologies, it’s fundamental to consider the impact on patient care. Consider this: new technology can easily have an effect on a wide range of clinical operations – there’s no room to take risks. And fortunately, we understand the importance of properly implemented and maintained technology in the healthcare environment.

That’s why our team of healthcare IT experts will work with you to help you leverage the right IT services and support to operate your healthcare organization in a secure and efficient manner. When you’re working with our team of healthcare IT experts, you’re able to rest assured knowing we’ll:

Select and implement the right hardware and software

for your unique needs and budget while ensuring your healthcare IT systems are able to help you meet business objectives and goals.

Manage and monitor your healthcare IT systems

around-the-clock to detect and resolve IT issues immediately, in order to prevent costly disruptions and downtime.

Update and maintain your healthcare IT systems

on a regular basis to make sure everything’s up to date and operating at peak performance to ensure your staff can remain productive.

Safeguard and backup your confidential data

including electronic protected health information, in order to help you prevent data loss, comply with PIPEDA and other medical regulation, and maintain patient confidence.

Support and train your staff members

to work with your healthcare IT systems and use them effectively while we resolve IT issues to keep your healthcare organization operating at its fullest potential.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for anything less than a team of proactive IT support professionals that specialize in serving healthcare organizations like yours!

Don’t focus on resolving technology issues – focus on better serving your patients.

Don’t focus on resolving technology issues – focus on better serving your patients. RJ Systems provides proactive IT services and support for healthcare organizations throughout Alberta. To learn more, give us a call at:

(780) 851-4042 or send us an email at

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