Phishing, Ransomware and Other Disasters

Fake emails are on the rise. Now, more than ever, the bad guys are finding ways to trick otherwise careful people into handing over money, data or access to their computer. Just recently, Grant MacEwan was tricked out of 11.8 million dollars because of fake emails requesting that they change where one of their payments was going.

How do you prevent disasters like this from happening to your organization?

  1. Educate your users.Make sure that everyone knows that opening executable attachments or following links in emails that you weren’t expecting can cause huge problems. If needed, RJ Systems can help you discuss internet safety with your staff.
  2. Put a next generation firewall in placeIt’s not enough anymore to simply have a “firewall/router” to share out internet access to your network. Organizations require next generation firewalls that prevent unwanted applications from infecting computers on your network and prevent known applications from doing unexpected things. Our Fortigate firewalls are very effective at preventing ransomware and other disastrous infections from occurring.
  3. BackupsThe cornerstone of any disaster prevention strategy is a timely, effective and tested backup plan. To recover from ransomware or someone compromising your critical data, you will require frequent backups to prevent the loss of work from sinking your business. Up to 80{4adcf2db3b369d8195cdabfced92d882c7da240019ac5bd814d95a6d243169b0} of companies that experience a major disaster such as fire, theft, flooding or ransomware, will go out of business inside of 2 years if they do not have an adequate disaster recovery plan. RJ Systems has several options for effective backups and can get you restored within hours instead of days or weeks.
    We are on your side. Let RJ Systems help you assess and improve your disaster recovery options.