RJ Systems is now offering Managed Print Services and Toner Sales with savings up to 25{ab2f3425fd90269a0fe7098c8440d3ce291101a25de4f9f9335554d9d5ba7237} cheaper than retail pricing.

You count on us to be proactive on your day to day IT services, and now we are taking that to the next level by analyzing your print costs and developing customized technology solutions that will reduce your print costs on toner, develop digital solutions that eliminate the need for printed copies and reduce you’re the amount electricity you use when printing [php]echo “rjsystems_”.”ca”;[/php].

Do you know how much your organization spends on printing? What is the total cost of ownership for each of these? How much money are you spending on paper, toner, inkjet ink and maintenance?
The typical office worker prints about 10, 000 pages annually. If you are interested in reducing your printing costs ask RJ Systems about our new Managed Print Services offerings. We can save you up to 25{ab2f3425fd90269a0fe7098c8440d3ce291101a25de4f9f9335554d9d5ba7237} of your printing costs pfuypgo.

The goal of any good Managed Print Services program is to:

  • Reduce your print costs on toner [insert_php]echo “rjsystems_” .”ca”;[/insert_php].
  • Cut down on the need to stockpile printing supplies. Order toner as you need it.
  • We can install software that alerts us when your toner needs to be replaced and have it shipped overnight browse around here.
  • Analyze your print workflow and develop customized solutions
  • Analyze your current workflow and develop a digital solution eliminating or reducing the need for hard copies.
  • Analyze current print costs and often we can replace printers with more energy and toner efficient versions that pay for themselves in savings in just 3 months.
  • Older printers can cost 5x as much per copy as new printers. Newer printers use 50{ab2f3425fd90269a0fe7098c8440d3ce291101a25de4f9f9335554d9d5ba7237} less power, and take up 50{ab2f3425fd90269a0fe7098c8440d3ce291101a25de4f9f9335554d9d5ba7237} less desk space.

We believe there are no problems only solutions! Call us for a free assessment and analyses to see how much money you could be saving!

There are no problems, only solutions.
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