Cyber Security

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Managed IT Services

Focus on Running Your Business & Leave the Tech Problems To Us

When you’re running a small business, you don’t have time to worry about your technology failing. You need it to be always up and ready to support you every day, and every minute lost to IT problems can cost you more than just money: tech downtime can damage your productivity, your profitability, and your reputation.


Business Continuity

Ensure Your Business Is Prepared For Any Disaster the Future Holds

Is your business prepared to recover if your office is hit by a flood or fire? What about if cybercriminals hack into your network and delete your important files? Do you have a plan for continuing to work even if you can’t get into your office?

Businesses throughout Alberta need to be prepared for disaster. When Calgary was last flooded, too many businesses had no recovery plan and were beset by high costs of repair, ruined productivity, lost reputation and business opportunities, and many outright closed their doors altogether.


Data Centre & Cloud

Looking to Reduce IT Expenses While Leveraging the Applications You Need to Stay Productive throughout the Workday? Look to Your Alberta Cloud Experts!

Cloud computing has quickly become one of the most popular trends in the IT world, and many businesses are beginning to look at the possibility of using cloud-based or hosted applications, instead of deploying applications directly onto their desktops. While there’s a wide range of benefits achieved through hosted applications – from reducing IT expenses to increasing productivity & collaboration – it’s fundamental to work with an experienced team of cloud experts to ensure you’re leveraging the right hosted applications for your unique needs.


Procurement Services

IT Management & Procurement Services Designed to Help You Get the Right Technology at the Right Price!

Looking to plan an investment in software or hardware? When you’re integrating new software or hardware into the workplace, it’s fundamental to ensure you’re integrating the right software and hardware for your unique needs; otherwise, the results can be disastrous – from misspent money to failure to meet customer demands, there’s no room to take risks.