Business Continuity

Ensure Your Business Is Prepared For Any Disaster the Future Holds

Is your business prepared to recover if your office is hit by a flood or fire? What about if cybercriminals hack into your network and delete your important files? Do you have a plan for continuing to work even if you can’t get into your office?

Businesses throughout Alberta need to be prepared for disaster. When Calgary was last flooded, too many businesses had no recovery plan and were beset by high costs of repair, ruined productivity, lost reputation and business opportunities, and many outright closed their doors altogether.


RJ Systems LTD can make sure your business doesn’t become a similar statistic. Our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services help your business prepare to weather any storm with secure backups and remotely accessible technology that will let you keep working in any condition. Call us at (780) 851-4042 or email us at to learn more.

The team of experts at RJ Systems know exactly what your business needs to do in order to stay safe from disaster. We’ll work with you to design a Business Continuity Plan that is customized for your unique needs, and make sure you have everything you need to ensure it’s followed to the letter.

Our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services focus on:


We store copies of your data and IT systems both onsite in your office and offsite in a secure data centre facility. This double backup means you get double the assurance that your data can be quickly and easily recovered at a moment’s notice, so you can still access your important files no matter what happens.


We can take your backups a step further by moving your key systems and data to the cloud. The cloud is a virtual environment that you can work in just like on a regular computer, but it’s available entirely online from anywhere you can access the Internet. This means that while you can focus on doing business in your office, you’re also able to access all your IT systems from wherever you want: at home, on the road via mobile devices, or even in a new location if your office is damaged.


 We work with you to make a plan to follow in case of disaster. By talking about your specific needs and goals, we make sure that your technology is prepared to keep supporting you in any circumstance, and that you and your staff have an easy-to-follow strategy for when and if disaster does strike.


We’ll monitor all your backup processes around the clock to ensure they work correctly and there’s no loss or contamination of your data. We also regularly help you actually run through a full recovery, with everyone participating as if a disaster had struck. This gives you proof that your continuity plan works and that your data is easily recovered if you need it.

For one flat-rate monthly fee, your business can get the peace of mind you need to focus on running your business day by day. RJ Systems will be there by your side, supporting you and making sure that you’re ready for whatever the future might hold.

Stop worrying about your technology and focus on running your business.

RJ Systems provides Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services to help businesses throughout Alberta prepare their IT to survive any disaster that might happen. To learn more about the other IT services and solutions we provide businesses like yours, call us at:

(780) 851-4042 or send us an email at today.

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