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When you’re running a small business, you don’t have time to worry about your technology failing. You need it to be always up and ready to support you every day, and every minute lost to IT problems can cost you more than just money: tech downtime can damage your productivity, your profitability, and your reputation.

That’s why RJ Systems LTD is there to handle all your technology needs for you. We provide proactive Managed IT Services to businesses throughout Alberta that are designed to help stop IT problems before they start. To learn about how to get your technology working FOR you, and not AGAINST you, call us at (780) 851-4042 or email

Our main goal when we provide your proactive Managed IT Services is to ensure your business’s productivity at all times. We understand that you need your technology to work right the first time, so you can focus on using it to pursue your business goals and get your daily operations completed.

That’s why the team of experts at RJ Systems will work with you to design a fully-customized Service Plan for your business. We make sure you get IT solutions that do more than just fix your problems: they help improve the way you do business every day.

Our Managed IT Services Strategy includes our “5-Process Policy”:



Managing & monitoring all your IT systems around the clock every day, so if there’s ever any IT issues, we catch them immediately and stop them from causing expensive downtime for your business.



Testing & maintaining all your technology regularly, so we make sure your systems are up-to-date and there are no potential problems lying in wait for the absolute worst moment.



Securing & protecting all of your vital data and systems with anti-virus protection, firewalls, secured backups, and business continuity planning that ensures you’ll be able to keep your technology running in the event of any disaster that you might face.



Ensuring & guaranteeing the reliability and stability of your IT systems so you know you’re always using the best technology for your needs and that all your operations are compliant with any regulations your industry might face.



Supporting & teaching you and your staff via our Help Desk’s team of support staff, ensuring you get answers to your IT-related questions, resolutions on your IT issues, and advice on how to best use your technology to complete your daily tasks.

Don’t just wait to call for help once a problem has already occurred.

By the time you’re waiting for tech support to get to your office or to call you back, you’re already losing time, money, and productivity to your tech downtime. For one flat-rate monthly fee, you get the full expertise of RJ Systems’ entire IT Solutions Team working to prevent problems from happening to your technology in the first place.

Stop worrying about your technology and focus on running your business.

RJ Systems provides proactive Managed IT Services to help businesses throughout Alberta get the most out of their IT every day. To learn more about the other IT services and solutions we provide businesses like yours, call us at:

(780) 851-4042 or send us an email at today.

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