Time to Upgrade?

Bolster your infrastructure without breaking the bank with Hardware as a Service.

Hardware as a service is a fantastic way to build, refresh or expand your IT infrastructure. Ultimately it moves your invaluable and mission critical IT functionality from a capital expense to an operational one.

Simply put you pay a monthly fee to use IT hardware, and it becomes our job to ensure that the hardware is always running and always up to date. Having a hardware as a service contract ensures that someone is in place to prevent or repair any hardware issue you have, akin to ensuring that your hardware is always under warranty.

RJ Systems enjoys long-standing relationships with several hardware vendors. We can provide all manner of computing equipment:

  • desktops and laptops
  • servers, switches and firewalls
  • WiFi and printers.

All at a reasonable monthly cost.

Let RJ Systems help. Talk to us about Hardware as a Service today.