URL Redirection Attacks and You

URL redirection attacks are a dangerous attack vector used by cybercriminals.

URL redirection attacks are a form of phishing attack designed to cause a malware infection or a data breach. These attacks usually try and trick you into going to important websites such as an online banking account, or a shopping account with a linked credit card.

How this works is you will receive an email from an attacker with a URL link.  When you click the URL link you will be redirected to a phishing site where you are prompted to enter your account credentials. Once you have entered your credentials and have logged in, attackers can gain access to your account. In some cases, these links may redirect users to a malicious site which can infect their systems with malware! Always think twice before opening something in an email and always check the legitimacy of a link before clicking it. This can be done by simply hovering over the link to see where it directs you.

For recent examples of these types of attacks make sure to check out the article below.

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