WannaCry Ransomware


The virus named WannaCry has been making the news lately.

Ransomware is insidious, the process is as follows:

  • A user on your network downloads and runs an application they think is useful to them. Unknown to the user the download is not what it seems.
  • That program then starts searching through your network for any information of value and locks it up so that it can not be read.
  • The program then provides information on how to pay the ransom holders in the hopes of getting your data back.

This situation is preventable because RJ Systems is looking out for you. Clients that have the Fortinet Firewall are effectively protected against WannaCry and its variants. The Fortinet Firewall monitors all traffic in and out of the network and can prevent the WannaCry executable from being downloaded.

Clients that have effective backup systems are protected because RJ Systems can restore the data that was encrypted from the backup. This way you’re back in business as soon as possible.

Clients that have Webroot are protected because Webroot will detect WannaCry.

Like all things an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • Don’t open attachments you aren’t expecting, call the sender and verify if possible
  • Call us if you get an email that you find suspicious
  • Call us if you get redirected to a website that you find suspicious
  • Ask us to audit your network so that we can see if your security is protecting you from WannaCry

RJSystems is here to help prevent WannaCry and other ransomware infections.

We are on your side. Let RJ Systems help keep your IT systems safe from WannaCry and other ransomware.