Windows 10

Change is hard

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade is available for free for certain users until July 29, 2016. While we agree that progress can be a good thing, updating to Windows 10 has proven to be problematic for quite a number of organizations, because they didn’t have the proper process in place.

Any system considered mission critical by an organization should be audited prior to any upgrade. This way an upgrade plan can be put in place. This is especially true if you have any specialized hardware or software. Our approach is proactive and ensures that all readiness tests have been passed and approved by your vendors.

An ounce of prevention

RJ Systems is here to support you throughout the upgrade process to Windows 10. We can help you with auditing all systems to make sure they will upgrade successful. We can prepare a report to let you know if Windows 10 is supported for your business applications and hardware, and provide you with a fully customized report identifying any potential issues. If your business isn’t ready you will have the report showing you what applications or hardware needs to be upgraded before proceeding.

We can also ensure that you have an upgrade plan in place that will:

  • prevent downtime due to the upgrade, happening unexpectedly
  • include a test plan to make sure your applications and processes will continue to work
  • engage 3rd party vendors to ensure their software is Windows 10 ready
  • include a test plan to ensure compatibility with your hardware
  • include a data migration plan to make sure that no information is lost due to the upgrade
  • include a backup and roll-back strategy prior to execution

RJ Systems has the experience to support your specific business processes to ensure your able to continue with business without interruptions or downtime and smoothly transition you to Windows 10.

We are on your side. Let RJ Systems help plan and execute your Windows 10 upgrade.

There are no problems, only solutions.
Let us help.