Emotet Malware Uninstalled by Police

Emotet malware is no more! Emotet was a very malicious malware infecting thousands of users worldwide. Once your system was compromised with this malware, you became part of the botnet, sending infected emails to other computers. On top of this other payloads would be distributed to your computer usually in the form of ransomware.  Police […]

Emotet Botnet Stopped by FBI

The FBI and multiple other security agencies around the world have spent years battling against this botnet infrastructure and they have finally won! Emotet malware was originally discovered in 2014 has been running wild and infecting systems worldwide. Infected computers typically have their personal information stolen and their systems locked by ransomware. What makes this […]

Emotet Botnet Attacks

Emotet botnet has returned! After a few months-long hiatus, the Emotet botnet attacks have started again. These attacks are being carried out through different phishing-style attacks so make sure you are very careful when accessing your emails! Once infected your personal data becomes compromised and your computer becomes part of this botnet. For those unaware, […]